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Bespoke Software

Business Software tailored to your needs

The bespoke systems we develop are made up of a number of different components. These include databases, websites, web services, windows services and windows applications. Every system is different and lot of ground work is done on analysing and designing the systems to be efficient and robust.

Often our systems connect to 3rd party APIs such to perform tasks such as gathering weather feeds, integrating with social media and sending SMS text messages.

As a company we are very process-driven and rigorous in our development procedures - this ensures the systems do exactly what has been specified and are reliable.

Examples of bespoke systems we have developed include a scalable system to process and present smart metering data, a system for logging scores and maintaining devices in world-wide venues and a document management and viewing system for an international manufacturing company.

Systems we develop take security very seriously and we are proud to have passed several penetration tests ('pentests') on multiple systems we have developed. For some clients there is a need for out of hours support - we offer varying options with an SLA.

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Through Virtualisation you are investing in a long term solution that’s going to give you growth with rapid deployment and resilience.

Scott Gerber, IT Manager

West Suffolk College