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Making your website easier to manage

A Content Management Systems (CMS) on a website allows the copy, images and other data to be updated by yourself. Also, depending on the CMS, you can add new pages yourself and customise your website.

A key advantage of a CMS is that it allows content to be updated regularly - keeping it fresh and up to date, which is beneficial for both visitors and search engine optimisation (SEO). For many businesses, having the ability to update the content themselves is an important requirement. For those who prefer, we are of course happy to perform the updates on your behalf.
There are many CMS platforms available, some of which are very complicated and require advanced technical ability. Others are simpler, with content updates being handled via a editor similar to Word, allowing you to create and format website content without writing code.

For the majority of websites we develop we use our own CMS 'KORE' - this has be designed from the ground up to be easy to use, yet has advanced functionality and great performance. We also develop websites in open-source platforms such as Wordpress.
Many of the websites we have designed and built have bespoke functionality which isn't possible 'out of the box'. We often extend and customise the CMS to provide this - examples have included training systems, bespoke e-commerce websites, ballots, event registration websites and more.

With mobile apps becoming more and more popular, one requirement that many of these need is to have an ability to update copy and images in the app. Through an advanced integration, our KORE CMS allows this to be achieved

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After 12 months, I still get impressed every time a new project is completed. From start to finish, every project it is handled with care, thoroughness and the outcomes speak for themselves.

Robert Slade-baker

Foremost Golf


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