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Lead Generation & Website Analytics

If someone has visited your website, it’s likely that they’re looking for the kind of products and services that you offer.

Our lead generation and analytics software will provide you with valuable information about businesses who are looking at your website, giving you the chance to turn ready-to-buy prospects into sales.

Get real time data - including the company name

Get live information about the companies visiting your website, enabling you to turn anonymous traffic into actionable leads and sales.

  • Company name
  • Location
  • Website
  • Telephone number
  • Industry SIC code (when available)
  • Social connections such as LinkedIn (when available)

Visitor Insight

Find out how your visitors have interacted with your website. This information will not only help you to close deals faster, but will enable you to identify areas within your site which may need improving.

  • What pages they viewed
  • Time spent
  • How many times they visited
  • How they found you

Easy to use

Get all the information you need at your fingertips with live data on the companies viewing your website.Categorise your visitors by new prospects, existing customers, suppliers and competitors.Receive a daily email showing you details of the businesses that visited the day before.

Get started

Boost your lead generation today with a free 14 day trial. Simple set-up and no commitment.



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