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Captive Media

Captive Media

The development of system for logging scores & maintaining devices at numerous locations.

The Brief: 

Green Duck were asked to develop a system for logging scores and maintaining devices to facilitate Captive Media's novel way of engaging male customers in the hospitality sector.

The Work:

Green Duck developed a system that enables configuration of venues and devices. This includes the interpretation of data streamed from urinal-mounted gaming devices for display on an interface primarily targeted for mobile use.

The Results:

Having a high-profile launch covered by the BBC, ITN and Sky News, Captive Media trusted Green Duck to provide a solution that worked first time and provided continuous reliability.


Robust, scalable system and score registration website

  • Handling many devices in multiple countries
  • 24/7 utilisation backed by automated monitoring
  • Scalable architecture
  • Integration with 3rd party services via APIs
  • Mobile friendly score registration website